2010 Review

Well, 2010 is over and I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts and running metrics, from my first real year of long-distance running.


According to my Garmin, I’ve run almost 1700 miles, avg distance 8.98 miles for each run.  By my count I ran in 7 ultra distance races, and 1 “regular” marathon (and only one, to date, Surfside Beach), so I’m not sure exactly how you count that, and 1 of those races was a DNF (Capt’n Karl’s: The Lake).   And according to my Garmin I spent over 331 hours running this year.  Wow, that is a lot.


Maybe I did too many races, or maybe not.  It’s hard to get faster if you’re just working on your mileage all the time, and I’m still trying to tinker with my training to put in better quality runs rather than just cranking out the miles.  Nevertheless, all the races did offer opportunities to learn what works and what doesn’t from a nutrition standpoint, and I think I’ve gotten smarter as far as managing my walking schedules and how to mentally handle these challenges.  It’s hard to recreate everything you experience in a race during a training run with friends, where you’re not pushing yourself as hard, and maybe not even running on the same kind of terrain.  And all the races are fun experiences to explore a new trail and try a new challenge, so I don’t have any real regrets over that.


One test to see if I’ve gotten stronger since a year ago is running at Bandera which is only a few days away.  This run should be a good time to compare my finish time and how I feel afterwards to last year (I remember after last year’s run, it was pretty hard to walk down one measly flight of stairs at work a couple days later).  I’m gunning for under 7 hours, which is not a really lofty goal per se, but one that should be good enough of a challenge, factoring in Bandera’s rugged terrain.  Either way, Bandera will be a fun experience, and a good training run for the Rocky Raccoon 50 mi, which will be my first attempt at a 50 mile race.


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