Brazos Bend Keep on Truckin’ 50k

Last post said next stop was Rocky Raccoon, but I guess I lied.  Me and a buddy talked about doing the Brazos Bend Keep On Truckin’ 50k as a last warmup for Rocky but were both playing it by ear and signed up the week before.  Even though I did Bandera the week before (and 10 miles of Ho Chi Minh trails on Saturday) I thought it would be good training for Rocky.

Race was close to Houston, so no need for travel, only getting up early.  Lots of rain when we got there, which continued mostly for the first 3 or 4 hours of the race.  First lap was pretty muddy, while the second seemed less so to me.  I ended up missing the out and back portion for the 50k loop, and in an effort to go back and find it and run the correct portion, I ended up running 20 miles for the first loop instead of 15.5 (25k).  So, that was a bit mentally tough for me, but I didn’t really care too much about my time, I just wanted a solid training run.  The aid stations were great and had good pretzels, nuts, etc. to snack on in addition to my own food.  After about mile 25, my legs were getting pretty sore from all the previous 8 days’ mileage, and I was slowing down, but maybe it was just low salt?  Who knows and today I actually feel very little sore considering all the mileage.  I ended up running at least ~33 miles due to my error and “finished.”  They had some burgers at the end, which I was thankful for since I was close to last and was worried they would be out, but there was plenty of tasty food.


Not a bad race, the trail reminds me of Seabrook (local stomping/training grounds) and perfect time if you’re running Rocky for a last training run.  I would have liked running by more of the swamp (only about the first 5 miles of the 13 mile loop were around a lake) for the added ambiance (saw one alligator, and it was neat to hear the other wildlife making their noises).


OK now, next stop is Rocky.


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