Nice Day

Well ramping back up the long runs is working well so far.  Some minor shin splints the past week or so, but nothing too bad as long as I can handle (or whatever the best term is) the increasingly hot and humid Houston weather.  Wednesday the temp was around 95 degrees, so a 6 mile trail run was pretty tough.  Managed to get a great 16 miler in this morning, 11.5 of which was on the trails with HTREx.  My weekly mileage isn’t quite where it needs to be for Capt’n Karl’s, but I’m more optimistic I can attempt those again given my solid run today.  After 11.5, I still felt surprisingly strong given it was on the trails and it was pretty hot this morning.  I was glad to be done though, and of course will need another strong month in order to attempt Capt’n Karl’s.  And oh yeah… there was a minor thrill when someone found a possum in the trash can by the parking lot…and decided to free it by emptying said trash can.


Back in the Game

After being hobbled the past few months, I cut out doing squats and that seemed to relieve my knee pain (hasn’t bothered me since I cut it out).  Went for a 14 miler last weekend, and then ran about 16.5 (well, I walked a generous amount of the last 2 miles) on the trails yesterday, and it felt good and also gave me over 35 miles for the week.  No big pain during the run yesterday either, although I was definitely aching after about 10 miles (and seem to be aching more today), which I would suspect is to be expected after not running on the trails that much for a while.  And it didn’t hurt that the weather yesterday morning was beautiful, especially for a day in May in Texas.  So, I am cautiously optimistic that I am on the rebound and can begin training again… Capt’n Karl’s?  Would be nice to get revenge at The Lake.

Back in the game?

Since Rocky Raccoon, my knee (or maybe more specifically, my kneecap) has been limiting my running.  A friend and I did a run on President’s day where it first popped up, and I haven’t been quite able to shake it since.  Most of the time, it hasn’t even been pain running–just kind of a general discomfort which keeps me from pushing myself, which then eventually turns into a dull pain and the next day my knee would be sore.  The longest run I’ve managed the past two months has been about 7 miles, with running twice a week a good week.

However, I have seen some improvement the past two weeks in the discomfort area where my runs have been pain free (5-7 miles at an easy pace).  The only thing I’ve really adjusted is not doing any squats (with weights) the past two weeks, but maybe the extra rest has helped, and I have been trying to stretch my quads out more lately too.   Which leads me to the point of this post, is that I managed a 11.75 mile run yesterday without any knee issues, and today my knee (and everything else, for that matter) feels good too.  The run itself was ok; I have definitely felt better considering how much “easier” this run would have been a few months back when I was in better shape, but it was great to just be out there and comfortable.  That run gave me about 20 miles total for the week, including an easy 3 mile trail run on Thursday.  So, I am entering this week optimistic for another ~20 mile week (including a trail run on Thursday as well) to hopefully get back in the running game.

I guess it would have been good to go the doctor, but I can be stubborn… maybe any lurkers have had something similar?