Back in the game?

Since Rocky Raccoon, my knee (or maybe more specifically, my kneecap) has been limiting my running.  A friend and I did a run on President’s day where it first popped up, and I haven’t been quite able to shake it since.  Most of the time, it hasn’t even been pain running–just kind of a general discomfort which keeps me from pushing myself, which then eventually turns into a dull pain and the next day my knee would be sore.  The longest run I’ve managed the past two months has been about 7 miles, with running twice a week a good week.

However, I have seen some improvement the past two weeks in the discomfort area where my runs have been pain free (5-7 miles at an easy pace).  The only thing I’ve really adjusted is not doing any squats (with weights) the past two weeks, but maybe the extra rest has helped, and I have been trying to stretch my quads out more lately too.   Which leads me to the point of this post, is that I managed a 11.75 mile run yesterday without any knee issues, and today my knee (and everything else, for that matter) feels good too.  The run itself was ok; I have definitely felt better considering how much “easier” this run would have been a few months back when I was in better shape, but it was great to just be out there and comfortable.  That run gave me about 20 miles total for the week, including an easy 3 mile trail run on Thursday.  So, I am entering this week optimistic for another ~20 mile week (including a trail run on Thursday as well) to hopefully get back in the running game.

I guess it would have been good to go the doctor, but I can be stubborn… maybe any lurkers have had something similar?


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