Nice Day

Well ramping back up the long runs is working well so far.  Some minor shin splints the past week or so, but nothing too bad as long as I can handle (or whatever the best term is) the increasingly hot and humid Houston weather.  Wednesday the temp was around 95 degrees, so a 6 mile trail run was pretty tough.  Managed to get a great 16 miler in this morning, 11.5 of which was on the trails with HTREx.  My weekly mileage isn’t quite where it needs to be for Capt’n Karl’s, but I’m more optimistic I can attempt those again given my solid run today.  After 11.5, I still felt surprisingly strong given it was on the trails and it was pretty hot this morning.  I was glad to be done though, and of course will need another strong month in order to attempt Capt’n Karl’s.  And oh yeah… there was a minor thrill when someone found a possum in the trash can by the parking lot…and decided to free it by emptying said trash can.


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