Making a deposit

Went for a 20 mile training run yesterday, starting at 5:30 am which probably was still too late!  The first 9.5 miles were out to the Kemah Bridge (4 laps) for some repeats before returning to the Seabrook trails for another 10.6 miles.  It was actually going pretty good, until it really started heating up after 8am.  And when the sun is hitting you, it can be pretty brutal.  There is some shade at Seabrook, but not enough after you’ve been running over 15 miles and the heat index is in the 90’s.  Well, we finished, and as someone once told me, every one of these long training runs is just putting money in the bank.  You just withdraw it all on race day (unfortunately there is no overdraft protection!).


My right achilles was a little sore from yesterday, but I still went for a 7 mile trail run this morning, where it got alot more sore immediately after (probably should have just rested today but I really wanted 40 miles in this week).  My body felt fine, and I probably would have gotten in more were it not for my achilles.  It hasn’t acted up in a year, and I attribute it to the Kemah Bridge, but usually the pain subsides after a day or two–hopefully that is still the case.  Maybe I’ll just avoid doing the bridge for a while….