Huntsville Training Run, 9/23

Went out for a long training run with some other folks from HTREx.  Met around 7 at the Nature center with probably a dozen or so other runners.  The goal was to get in 30 miles.   The route was running the orange/chinquapin trail (~7 miles long).  We took off a bit after 7, when the temperature was nice, probably around 70 degrees — it would later warm up to probably about 93 (and this was NOT a “nice” 93).


First lap, was cruising pretty comfortably.  I started running at a good effort… but was unaware that everyone else that came up was treating it as a race?  I guess they *probably* did not intend to run 30 miles so I knew to keep my pace at a comfortable range.  Well the first lap clicked by, and I was feeling good.  Real quick stop, then turned around and ran the 2nd one in the opposite direction (make it a little less boring….).  The second lap also felt pretty good, but could tell it was starting to warm up just a tad.  Took a relatively short break at the cars (but longer than the 2 min break after lap 1) and headed back out for lap 3.


Now it was getting warm.  Not stupid warm (or hot), but just enough to slow you down.  The guy I was running with only wanted 16 miles, so I was pretty much solo at this point.  There were two other runners out there for a “long” run, but they were mostly just a few mintues ahead — we played leap frog pretty much the whole day (until the last lap…).  The third lap wasn’t too bad, but the temperature was rising — almost felt like exponentially.  I was doing pretty well with nutrition and such, but it was just dang hot and humid, and now I’ve covered 20 miles in about 4 hours total elapsed time.  I actually felt pretty happy with my time, all things considered.  But I walked alot of the last mile in, since I knew IF I wanted to continue, I would need to conserve a little energy.


I took a LONG (~18 min) break between laps 3/4, to make sure I was REALLY sure I wanted to continue.  I had, after all, gotten in a solid 21 miles, and everyone else, except for two, were dropping out, so it definitely makes it easier.  But I thought I could definitely tough out one last 7 mi loop — cactus rose is going to be hard in it’s own way, so I think I should just put my big boy pants on and at least hike 7 miles.  During this break, I also doused myself with some ice water, probably made some sounds the bikers next to me were a little offended/surprised by.


Anyway, the 4th loop started out OK at the beginning.  I ran a decent amount of the first mile or so, but my heart rate was just getting too high from the heat.  Not any major cramping or stomach issues, and my legs felt OK, but just the heat.  So I intermixed alot of walking/jogging from here on out.  After about mile 25, my legs started to fatigue.  Probably could have ran more, but I didn’t see much value, since it was so hot, to put myself in any danger out here by myself on the trail.


Anyway, I hiked alot of the last 5 miles to give me a 28 mile training run, finishing in 6:17.  Not a fantastic time, but I was pretty happy considering how much it heated up the last few hours.  My legs felt pretty strong, so I was satisfied, maybe my training has been paying off.  The past 6 weeks my training has been such:  Mondays, squats.  Tuesdays, hill training on treadmill.  Wednesdays, spin class.  Thursday, usually a tempo run.  Fri, usually rest.  Sat, usually a trail run.  Sun, when not resting, running repeats of kemah bridge.  Additionally I’ve been doing some core workouts several times a weeks.  I definitely think my legs were stronger running huntstville — not tremendous hills there obviously but I didn’t even really walk a huge amount the first3-4 hours, mostly wasn’t done out of necessity per se, rather just the fact I was going to be out there so long.  I know my legs will be pretty trashed at cactus rose but I think I’m happy with my training thus far — hopefully the weather finally cools off though.


Long digression, but I was very happy to be done, once it started to heat up and I felt cooked.  Downed an ice cold gatorade, protein shake, and nibbled on some other things before devouring half a bag of salt and vinegar potato chips on the way back home (made it back to watch the football game which fortuitously started at 3:30p).  Not a bad day….