Just do It

This past weekend was another large training volume for me, training for bandera 100k.  My goal was to get in 40 miles between Saturday and Sunday. And wouldn’t you know it, but the weather here was not exactly ideal.  My understanding is the seasonal average high is around 68 degrees F — Saturday it was probably a high near 85 and today it topped out at 79 when I got to my car (overcast skies)– wasn’t summer already over?  The humidity was pretty bad in the early morning hours too.  Nevertheless, I got in 24 miles on Saturday and followed it up with 17 more today.  Nothing very fast, and nothing screaming at me too bad (although my left quad muscles I can tell now are not as strong as the right since they seem to be the muscle group that gets sore first… have to watch that) but my quads and body were ready to be done after the run today.


Coming around the finish today at Seabrook, I only had a quarter mile or so to go, and almost stopped and walked it in (it doesn’t help when you can see your car…).  But I told myself “just f**ing do it”.  I wasn’t hurting that bad, and stopping to walk isn’t going to help anyway, so just effing do it, and finish the run.  I did, and was glad to be done.  Very glad it wasn’t any hotter as it would have been quite hard to get in the necessary miles for Bandera… we’ll see how my body feels but has been generally feeling pretty good since Cactus Rose.  Foam rolling for 5-10 minutes after I showered helped and I’ll have to have another session tonight.  I also plan to get in another big week 2 weeks from now, maybe doing the end of the world marathon in 2 weeks… we’ll see how I recover from this.


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